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Does AI make you anxious?

Ngl the speed of AI development has me anxious. It feels like so much of our world will change in the next few years. It's not like its paralyzing me, but thinking about the future does get me anxious. Anyone else feel the same?


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jaygrMarketingย a month ago
Regarding the poll:
Yes, anxious - but optimistic about the future - as far as AI integration is concerned - but - overall super pessimistic about the future as a whole, with or without AI :)
AI: Pessimistic in the short-middle term, like 30-50% of the generation currently 40 yo and more will likely be screwed in many ways and struggle, but might make their way out of it.

Generation currently less than 25 will more or less smoothly integrate it to their toolset and career choices (not choose one that screams Don't do that), just like those in graphic design school when photoshop etc were already massive just did it.
Generation in-between will do what they can do about it.
(All numbers out of my hat.)

Tl;dr: it will kill jobs, but also create others (AI is not just pressing a button, you need to know how to use it, just like photo edit with photoshop is actually a job, and it didn't exist when PS came out).

Our best bet is likely to adapt as fast as we can to everything, check out every new tool coming up, dig more into those that look like they might become a thing. Really just like we are photographers and Photoshop 1 has been released, we must find a good tutorial ASAP.
And make a portfolio with it.
When it becomes a skill you can't not have, you want to show you master it.

Just my 2 cts, I'm not an authority on the matter by any means. But I'd say let's just embrace it and make it ours. Because besides the super scary things it comes with, not only jobs wise, it brings so much that it's not gonna go any time soon. It will just create more new tools, and we'll use them.
Just the way I see it.

jaygrMarketingย a month ago
- Sorry for the long space below, was struggling writing on phone, didn't mean to invade the space.