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Oracle Interview Process (IC3 Role)

Anyone have any information and insight to the interview process at Oracle for an IC3 role. It'll be full stack application development if that matters.

I'm guessing the process will be pretty standard. Requiring a whiteboard and coding assessment.

I want to make sure I can prepare ahead of time with Leetcodes and Hacker Ranks. Going to get more info from the hiring manager as well.

Update: interview process was pretty standard.

- Phone Screen
- Hiring Manager
- Technical Interview
- Offer / Rejection

Phone Screen is basic questions about your resume and experience with bits of info about the role you applied to.

Hiring Manager is more of a culture-fit. With a few deep dives into experience and your resume.

Technical Interview was two separate 1 hour sessions with principal level engineers asking you to solve problems that are close to what you'd do on a daily basis. NO LeetCode!!

Offer/Rejection - not sure yet. Waiting on the hiring manager to come back to the office. They've been on PTO.
YUHIYOLSoftware Engineerย 4 months ago
Yeah, you're on the right track for sure. When I interviewed there a while back it was pretty standard LC stuff
codedruidSoftware Engineerย 4 months ago
Thanks for the insight! I did the phone screen and now I have an interview with an engineer director. Definitely seems pretty standard so far



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