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Seeking some advice - Recent grad

I'm actually with an offer to work at Microsoft as an entry-level Software Engineer in Redmond. I just graduated (end of 2022), and I live in Brazil.

I'm currently freelancing remotely for a USA-based company, and they pay me 20 USD/hour. That's a huge salary by Brazilian standards for someone who just graduated since converting the salary to BRL makes a big difference. This company wants to offer me a full-time role, paying less than Microsoft, but when converting, it's still a huge salary for my needs here in Brazil.

Thinking about the financial aspect in the short term makes sense to stay in Brazil working remotely for them since I will get paid in USD and spend in BRL. In the long term, it's going to be great if the company goes public since I'm paid with shares as well.

Considering the experience of starting my new life in a foreign country, and the impact of having Microsoft on my curriculum, it makes sense to stay with Microsoft's offer. But I'm afraid of doing things that are not so meaningful or have a great impact on the company, such as in the startup I'm today.

I'm divided. What do you guys recommend to guide my decision on this?

MS TC: 150k USD / year

Startup: 30 USD + 1 share / hour

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If you have been working for the same company for about 2+ years or more. Make the jump. Jumping is almost always a good move in many aspects.

Besides the career. Living in a foreign country will be eye opening and make you smarter in life.