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Computer Science a year ago

Student loan relief to cost $400B

President Joe Biden's plan to cancel up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt for low- and middle-income borrowers will cost $400 billion, according to a Congressional Budget Office report.

As someone who is taking on student debt to get a CHANCE to earn what swe's make these days, I find this so misleading and unfair to the people actually trying to make a living and improve their families standard of living. Seems like political propaganda.

Would be interesting to see how much military expenditures will cost us because the last time I checked, a Javelin missle costs us about $80k.

Wq87t31biJMachine Learning Engineer a year ago
Just in case ppl don't know that the plan is about Across the board, most people with federal student debt will be eligible for some forgiveness: up to $10,000 if they didn’t receive a Pell Grant, which is a type of aid available to low-income undergraduate students, and up to $20,000 if they did. The aid is limited to those who make less than $125,000 per year, or married couples or heads of households earning less than $250,000.