Sainagendra Gunturuย inย ย 
Software Engineering Managerย a year ago

Restarting PERM application

Hi I joined my current company in 2015, i got my I140 approved in 2016 with priority date July2016 in EB2 as a developer. Now i got promoted to Senior Manager Engineering with direct repotiees. Company attornies are saying they need to restart my PERM application and will get a new priority date. Is that true ? Is this how it works, any one has any idea ?
rguntSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Hi , your PERM date stays independent of change in application category. Talk to a third party lawyer outside to get a better clarification. And then convey your information to the legal team in your company
SaiGSoftware Engineering Managerย a year ago
Hi Thank you but i am still confused because category is still EB2, my role is changed from engineer to engineer manager so they are asking for restarting my entire perm. Two complications 1- i am changing my role with same employer. 2- if they apply new perm will my priority date change ?