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Career advice

Hello! I would really appreciate any advice or comments. 
I am a college student currently doing my BSc in a course called CSM(Computer science, statistics and mathematics) and I have one year left in my degree.
I have a few doubts that I just would appreciate if people could comment on, especially if you're in similar fields or such. 

- I think that my degree opens the door to a lot of career options like data analyst/engineer, business analyst too. But, can I also pursue a career in the ML and Ai field or even cybersecurity after graduation? Or even finance. 

- Is this combination of courses a pro or a disadvantage for me in the UAE career field? 

- I have an opportunity to have a summer training and internship in a free course ( Machine learning / Cyber security / Business analytics / Finance and Stock Trading) which option do you think would further leverage my resume? 

I am aware that my interest matters in this but it also greatly matters to me that my chosen career will be well compensated financially and that I can actually get a job after graduation. 

°  I am a UAE resident but schooling in an Asian country. 
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Brother, you're overthinking it. Recruiters don't give a shit about what specific subject(s) are written on the degree itself. They will maybe care about the degree being in a technical field or not, but otherwise it's just a checkmark on the screening process. You can apply for any of the jobs you mentioned and you will not be disadvantaged.

Regarding which field to pursue, I really encourage you to prioritize your interests more. Not just because of your mental well-being, but because in order to get well compensated in any field, you will have to be a high performer, and this will be very VERY hard to do if you do not actually enjoy doing it everyday. If you only optimize for money, you will quickly burn out (or likelier not even make it there).