bigdatadudeย inย ย 
Data Engineerย a year ago

Best way to follow up on a paused offer?

A couple of months ago, I wrapped up the interview process with a company and the recruiter told me that they liked me, but they weren't sure about upcoming role budgets, so they couldn't hire me at the time.

He said I could follow up in the future to check in, but I was wondering if there's a best time/way to do that? I imagine that right now, they're all running slow or on break, so might not respond. Should I wait to the new year?

tylerchillTechnical Recruiterย a year ago
This happens a lot now. Look for similar roles within the company and send the recruiter the link and ask if they can help you contact the recruiter assigned to that role. At least in AMZ the recruiters will split credit for your hire and your application will be shortlisted from the pack for HM review. If the role opened up again they will naturally put you to that for full credit.
bigdatadudeData Engineerย a year ago
Ah, interesting. Didn't think about finding other open roles like that. Thanks for the tip! Just felt awkward to check in and say like 'hey any update?' but having the role helps alleviate that.