BcT2fr20 in  
Project Manager a year ago

Airbnb is the next company going under...

I stayed at a place recently and got a whole list of random things to do before I left:

  • take the trash out
  • put the dishes away
  • replenish paper products
  • penalty if i threw a party or had more guests than expected
  • clean the tub, cleaning items in the cabinet

I see why people are livid right now about whats going on. These landlords have ruined an amazing experience

coldsandwichesData Science Manager a year ago
honestly, i hope it goes under. it was a good concept until greedy people w disposable income used it to buy up property at insane rates pushing locals out and then using it just for airbnb stays. then now they are making people do the work in maintaining their property... might as well stay at a hotel at this point and get breakfast and housekeeping taken care of versus doing it yourself.