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Founder 5 months ago

Corporate America

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I was a tech lead of 10 developers.

I've seen a case when incompetent people get management positions like Product owner or Technical Program Manager.

The product owner didn't want to write requirements or didn't have any clue about how the system works. When I pointed it out, nothing changed. I was forced to accept unfinished requirements and start sprints because there was no other work for the team. He was fired only when the layoffs began.

In another case, when a manager did nothing during the development phase. A few weeks before a deadline, he started doing "seagull management," forcing people to join war room meetings to solve problems, yell and leave meetings. Most issues were in cross-team communication and must be solved by this manager at the beginning of the development phase. He still works in the company.

Is it standard practice for big companies where being nice is more important than being kind and focused on results? Why does leadership keep such people on onboard? They waste enormous budgets for nothing.

RoundUp1Technical Program Manager 5 months ago
It's really so team specific, but yeah I agree. Most of the people I see get promoted to people management roles are only getting those promos because they know how to play the corporate game. I've had some great managers before in my life and it was always clear that they were in the minority among the larger corps