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Hey there! I'm a high school junior looking to score an internship in the Tech Field. Right now, I've got a solid grasp on HTML – it's pretty straightforward and nothing too serious. But I'm also working with Python and Java, although I'm not a total pro yet, I'm semi-fluent in it hoping to learn more. I'm all about that continuous learning and improving, and I thought landing an internship could be a great way to level up my skills even more.

Speaking of internships, I'm on the hunt for startups or companies that might consider hiring high schoolers like me. I get that there's this whole thing about us being "young" and "immature," but hey, I've got the qualifications, resume, and CV to prove otherwise.

So Two Questions I got if anyone can answer:

Any tips or pointers on companies that could be a good fit or potentially hiring High Schoolers such as Startups, etc?

Thanks a bunch!

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I was in the Technology Diploma program at high which required to do an unpaid internship in order to get graduation diploma. The hard part was that I was under 18 at the time and second the internship had to be unpaid, you can’t get paid so I had a very very tough time finding one.

You situation is different but regardless your best bet is family and friends at small firm who can vouch for you because if you are in high school chances are you will under 18, and to hire a minor requires companies in some state to do additional paperwork and more so having a minor could become a huge liability, therefore some companies tend to entirely stay away from that. It doesn’t have to be this way and things could be different in your case, but regardless your network should be your biggest help.

Good luck on recruiting :)