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Software Engineer 3 months ago

Remote Communciations

Greetings, all. (First post)

For those that work full-time remote, what challenges have you and/or your team experienced communicating and what steps have you taken to remedy the situation?

As an example, my entire team is scattered throughout the country and while we all make an effort to keep our cameras on during various meetings such as standups and sprint plannings, in my opinion, I feel our team is still disconnected from an interpersonal perspective. 

We use Google Meet and Slack. Some members of my team may take several hours to respond to (what I believe to be) a simple question on Slack which, in my opinion, is ineffecient since they could provide an immediate answer rather than me digging into implementation details and figuring it out.

We do have a "hang out" space (which is usually treated as a space to work through issues) and a weekly, optional "happy hour." In spite of this, I still think our communcation and connectedness is something to be desired. 
pikapigSoftware Engineer 3 months ago
Remote communications requires you to meet with people 1-1 to just shoot the 💩. That's what has always worked for me.
jfrancis1Software Engineer 3 months ago
watercooler and vending machine vibes 🤝



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