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pd1mmCAdΒ inΒ Β 
Data ScientistΒ 3 months ago

Has anyone negotiated severance before?

Considering to accept an offer but i'm afraid to join a new company and getting laid off 3 months later. Has anyone of you negotiated severance before? how do you go about it? I have a little bit of time to decide so i would appreciate any advice you guys have for me.

Matt sypSoftware Engineering ManagerΒ 3 months ago
You can negotiate anything. What I might ask for is a 12 month layoff clause which protects you for a limited amount of time. Things to think about are health coverage and months of pay. For me, getting health coverage would be important, but that may not be to you so think about what you would need to make it through a layoff and then your recruiter. But also realize, if you negotiate that, you may give up negotiating anything else.