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Software Engineer a month ago

Follow-up after technical interview: nice touch or too keen?

Hi, I did a 1-hour interview with Oracle today. I think it went mostly well, but I didn't fully complete the technical challenge: it was about finding an element in a sorted array of unknown length, I provided a linear implementation but failed to provide a logarithmic one. I was curious so after the interview I checked online and found the solution (pretty easy once you know it).

Anyway, the point is I always like sending a follow-up email after interviews with the usual thank you for your time, etc, and I did mention that I looked up online the challenge to learn the solution. I was trying to play the failure to my advantage, show that even if I don't know something I'm keen and curoious and I always end up finding things out. But now I'm wondering if it's showing as desperate, as if I was trying to fix the interview after the fact.

bringeeRecruiter a month ago
Honestly, that might work better if it was an interview for a smaller company where they might be able to put that much thought into it, but for a large company like Oracle, I'd say it's likely that it falls on deaf ears. I'd say it shouldn't hurt, but I also don't think it'll really help either, so might not be worth it.