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Working as a freelancer/ individual contractor

Hey all!
Does someone here have experience with working as a freelancer? I am currently working as a data scientist for Amazon in Europe, with a limited contract about to expire in a few months. I was wondering if instead of looking for another job I should transition to working as a freelancer. I don't want to discuss the pros and cons of this here, I think we can all imagine the benefits and downsides of this. What is however interesting to me is how people find clients. I believe that my experience should put me a step ahead of most competitors but as I have literally 0 connections to people who do this kind of job or companies who need these people I have completely no idea how the business works. 

Is there anyone here who is working like this and would like to share some insights?
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Jakub MikosSoftware Engineer  
I am trying currently my luck with a.team.

Didn't get a placement in toptal and lemon.io there were already too many developers with my tech stack.

If someone wants to feed my tokens through referal I am happy to share my ref Link:
SomethingIBorrowedSoftware Engineer  
Referrals. Talk to people you have worked with before, and tell them you are a freelancer now. Hopefully every so often one of these contacts will hire you or know someone who is hiring.