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a year ago

Salary benchmark latest report- Berlin

Hello, Do provide reports (free or to buy) of salary benchmarks for different positions in the tech industry. I don't want to see what Company X offers, but more of an aggregated for each position / level / experience.

Also, what is the difference between the 2 products sell:

Competitive Salary Insight, and Realtime Data Stream. Would the real time data stream provide me with the info i need?

BrianBusiness Developmentย atย Levels.fyia year ago
Hi there! I can help answer your questions. We don't offer any type of role-specific report at this point, aside from our End of Year Pay Report ( The Competitive Salary Insight is a one-time report that includes all of our data formatted for review. You can find more info on our fact sheet here: The Realtime Data Stream is a constantly updated source of salary info that includes all of the same data that the salary insight would provide and will include new data as we collect it from users or our services. Essentially it depends on whether you want consistent up-to-date info or if you just want one source of the data. If you have other questions about these, feel free to email and our team can help answer additional questions.