sentinelbit in  
Software Engineer 3 months ago

Arm Cambridge Offer

I'm in the process of negotiating for a Software Engineer (Firmware Development) role, grade 3, at Arm. I'm an international applicant for this role so there is some overhead in the form of relocation package and visa sponsorship which they are keenly offering. The base pay that they shared with me starts around £48k, stock options and bonus in addition to that. Seeking help here to determine the right salary expectations that I should convey. As per the numbers on levels, average base pay for this role is around £54k. Does that match the Arm pay standards? What pay range should I convey? What are the other things I could ask for?
madscienceSoftware Engineer 3 months ago
55-60k seems like a reasonable ask to me, based on what you've shared. I doubt you'll get much direct Arm experience in this forum but from a negotiation standpoint, your thought process checks out.
sentinelbitSoftware Engineer 3 months ago
Thanks for the input! My concern staying close to 50k is the tax bracket change at 50k. It goes from 20% to 40% (approximately). Considering that I was thinking of starting the negotiation in the range of 60-65k and then see how it goes. What would you suggest?