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Software Engineering Managerย 2 years ago

Should I be worried about non-competes?

I used to work out of the NY office for a tech company (let's call it Company C) that's based out of CA. I signed a 6 month non-solicitation agreement as part of my job acceptance for Company C.

Now I work as an EM for Company A remotely (in NY) but company A is based out of CA.

One of my direct reports from Company C reached out to see if I could refer them to a job at Company A.

If I do so, will that violate my non-solicitation/non-compete agreement with Company C?

jeffweinerSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
Read your non-compete carefully. I believe they usually say something like you cannot actively solicit employees. If that's the case, always call them to discuss next steps, and never leave paper evidence of you sending them anything, and you'll be fine. But again, check with an attorney (I'm sure they'll say just don't do it).
jeffweinerSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
I almost forgot, it's single party consent recording in New York. In that case, always meet them in private, where "you're not expected to be recorded". Don't do phone calls.