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Early career stack advice

Hi all,

During university I converted an internship at a small firm to a FT role as a full stack C# dev. I graduated this past summer with essentially 1.5-2 YOE. Now I've moved to a much larger, more reputable firm in an entry level cloud IaC role thinking that diversifying my skillset early on would be valuable.ย 

Now I'm realizing I don't love being on the infra side of things. I'm freely able to seek another early-career role within my company. My question is: is it worth sticking it out in this entry level IaC/cloud support role for 1-2 years (diversifying) or should I seek another full stack C# role and likely climb the ladder faster since I have more exp (specializing)?

Other notes: located in the US. Don't love my team or manager but there's good work-life balance. Im essentially locked into this entry-level track at this firm for another 1.5 years so seeking (Ideally non-entry level) work elsewhere is also an option.ย 

Any and all advice is appreciate.
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Would suggest switching to the role that you prefer ASAP. There isn't much point sticking it out in current role if you already know you don't like it. Optimize for your own growth.



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