gustavusadolphus in  
DevOps Engineer a year ago

Berlin/German companies that allow working outside EU

Hey folks,

My company decided to silently revoke the opportunity to work from outside of EU (for short periods).

Besides leaving a really bad taste on how something previously agreed was changed, it also affects my personal life quite a bit.

I am a non-EU resident, and having this removed really makes visiting home ~a pain~ more difficult . It's not only about using up the annual vacations just to be home, but also not having any wiggle room to find more affordable plane tickets, and also having to be disconnected from work and projects unnecessarily.

It is a bit of a first world problem, I know :) but having perks removed doesn't taste good, and having peers from EU countries that can still enjoy them, makes it feel even more unjust.

I have been passively exploring the local market, but this seems a perk that has been removed in general.

Does anybody know any companies that still offer this as a perk, or has any suggestions how to search for them?

Also, what is the general perception about this? I am starting to feel a bit defeated after getting so many negative responses.

duffycolaMachine Learning Engineer a year ago
our company is allowing 20 days in select countries, on an application basis and with a focus on europe, but india and china have been added recently. but it might be only because they have a remote branch there. working remote within europe is pretty new to them as well and it‘s dependent on a number of european and local working laws.
gustavusadolphusDevOps Engineer a year ago
Thank you for sharing.
Yes, that would have been good for me too. I am only interested in one country, my home country, but didn't succeed in my negotiations.

I have also thought that companies with some branch outside of EU would be more flexible about this, but haven't been that many popping up with job posts. Not surprising with the recent climate