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Any idea when AWS will open up?

Hi all,

In October I reveived an L5 offer to join AWS. During the team marching process, they implemented their hiring freeze. Ive been in constant contact with my recruiter, and they've been mentioning they are hopeful that they can resume hiring as normal in April. Has anyone heard anything similar? If anyone from AWS is reading this, is there anything I can do to get hired asap?

Thanks so much! Also, if anyone has insight on the differences between working at AWS vs Amazon, id be interested in hesring about those as well.

Thanks and happy friday!

UnknownSoftware Engineering Manager a year ago
Management is done with comp work at AWS and people will soon be meeting with their managers in the next few weeks to hear what they get.

Hiring has been limited to only internal candidates for the next few months unless you get executive approval. With thousands let go and more to probably leave in the coming months due to the required return to office Management plans on trying to focus on the internal moves first and then should open up to outside candidates around July.
dcWizardSoftware Engineer a year ago
Makes sense, thanks!



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