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cskeapiekacng in  
Software Engineering Manager 2 months ago

From engineer to EM

How was your journey to switch from developer to EM? Was it easy? Was it tough? Anyone want to share their journey? I'm struggling lots with mine and would love some encouragement. I am interviewing and feel anxious.
anusernameSoftware Engineering Manager at Salesforce2 months ago
It took me probably more than a year to feel comfortable in a new role. It is totally normal to feel growth pain when switching careers that drastically. For me personally, it was hard accepting new model of influencing my team and change from doing to coaching in technical decisions. I had to let people to make mistakes in some cases, and hardly intervene to prevent them in others.

Use this time as an opportunity to strengthen your mgmt muscles not by just doing work, but also learning from outside resources like books and training and apply those practices right away. Find your fun in the new role, experiment, become the manager you always wanted to report to. Good luck!



Software Engineering Manager