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Being asked to manage additional people without title change

Im a Sr. PM, but im still in an IC role. I'm being asked to take over a product vertical, including managing other product managers. 

This role was previously held by VP of product, who is taking over as Head of Product. 

Im being asked to take over their vertical, and having the product managers under them roll up to me. However, they never offered me a better title or increas in salary. 

I feel like I'm being asked to take on significantly more responisbilites, and my title and compensation should reflect that. Any tips on how to start that conversarion? 

 Additionally, should I let them give me an number? Im afraid if I go in with a number I'd either be too high or too low. I have no idea what % increase in your salary is normal when you go from IC to managing people. 

Any help would be appreciated. 
ecrawProduct Manager a year ago
Why not get proactive and make a proposal that reinforces your value to the company and looks ahead. I created a doc in the past that could be helpful - see https://bit.ly/3RXsUyH - feel free to copy/repurpose if helpful. -Eric
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Great q by OP and super helpful ans by community. Thanks guys. Will save this for future referece,



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