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A2plusB2ย inย ย 
Data Scientistย 3 months ago

Small Operations

It seems like a lot of the posts/comments here are focused quite narrowly on FAANG and other massive enterprises.ย 

So, I'm writing to remind folks that software, analytics, automation, data are all things needed by smaller enterpises. Badly. And they're generally willing to pay not as handsomely, but certainly quite comfortably. The main benefit is not having to compete with the 10% of the every universities graduating class.ย 

Who else works for a smaller firm? How do you like it?ย 
JohndoeSoftware Engineerย 3 months ago
Is there any chance to get fang like compensation in smaller company assuming same level of responsibilities?
19g61bl074hm24Technical Program Managerย atย JPMorgan Chase3 months ago
It's possible but rare. Really depends on how profitable the company is. It's more likely if the company is privately owned and operates in a niche market. That said, chances are that you'll be given more responsibilities and freedome in how your operate and build a team. Before joing my current big name firm, having consulted and worked at smaller private companies, I had access to very senior leaders which in retrospect turned out to be immensely valuable in helping me prepare for my current role and responsibilities.