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Product Designerย a year ago

Product Design @Meta UK?

Other than the usual suspects like glassdoor its hard to really know the TC expectations at big tech in the UK.ย 

For a designer with 6 years experience, MA, BSc, experience managing small teams and shipping products via end-to-end process what could I be looking at?

My current salary is around 90k (GBP) but im paid on dollars so it has fluctuated upwards recently, I have equity at seed stage bit woulsnt considered it comparable to SRU's at a big tech.ย 
kafj31JProduct Designerย a year ago
I wouldn't expect too much higher as the height of the mega salary packages has come to an end with all the layoffs. Maybe 10-15% more than hat you're making now but negotiation for more will be extremely tough with competition increasing globally at big tech cos



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