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What would be realistic salary expectation for my level in Toronto?

What total compensation should I be aiming for while negotiating a salary for a frontend / fullstack developer (middle level) in Toronto?

I'm a developer with 2.5 years of experience, currently working for a startup making $80k CAD gross. 

My tech stack is based around Javascript ecosystem: JS, TS, React, NodeJS + Express, React Native, some SQL and MongoDB knowledge. With frontend being my primary focus.

If I'm applying for regular, non-FAANG level jobs, is it fair to aim for $100-110k CAD gross comp?
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You can find Toronto salaries here: https://www.levels.fyi/t/software-engineer/locations/greater-toronto-area Based on that, I might think you could go a little bit higher, but overall I think aiming for 100-110k CAD should be completely fine.
The problem is that a lot of Toronto (and Canadian) salaries are not entered in USD, they're in CAD but some people must've definitely put their USD salary as well.



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