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Hardware Engineer a year ago

HFT vs MAANG for SW/HW Engineer

Given an option for HW/FPGA/SW engineers what will you pick and HFT firm like Jane Street, Optiver or MAANG, if you have 10 years of experience and why

Don't know if we can create a poll here, but more interested in knowing the reason of the choice.

19g617l4o9htf1Software Engineer a year ago
if you are extremely intelligent and have specialized skills (hardware or machine learning god) you can make much more in the HFT space throughout your career (and it is more technically challenging which i find interesting). however, this comes at a cost in that the WLB is definitely worse than a Meta and substantially worse than a Microsoft/Google. HFT industry is similarly stable to tech so don’t need to worry about, but harder to get jobs since there’s a limited number of highly selective, small companies. so if you get the chance to work at one of these firms work very hard at first so you don’t get fired till you have solid experience.