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Medtronic Offer

Hi All,

I am a fresh PhD out of grad school. I am offered a Sr. R&D Engineer Position at Medtronic at its Santa Rosa, CA office.ย 

Base 133k
Bonus 10%ย 
Signing Bonus 10k

Just wanted to check if this is a good/lowball/average offer. I also have another offer at Milpitas, CA (Base 155k, Signing bonus 23k). How do living expenses compare between these two cities?

grantData Scientistย a year ago
First off, congrats on the offer!

For cost of living, you can use something like nerd wallet to compare. That said, the only true measure is going to be looking at what kind of housing you could afford in either city and what's near those locations.

Assuming you can find comparable rents in both cities, the second offer does sound better to me. You'll really be able to jump right into enjoying yourself in a new place with that bonus.

I also hope it goes without saying that if both companies are legit, at this stage, you should be able to mention the competing offers to each company and say what's giving you pause about accepting. Medtronics might up their offer. I've had offers upped by $10k base just for sounding hesitant, not even directly asking for a raise or having a competing offer.
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