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Mijhael Andrés Samaniego Muñoz in  
Full-Stack Software Engineer 19 days ago

I'm a full stack developer from Paraguay and I want to earn more

I am a Full-Stack developer in Paraguay. I'm working in a Paraguayan company with a very low salary (4000 usd per year) with Angular/AngularJS in the front and Java EE in the backsince June 2022 and I'm pursuing an engineering degree in Computer Engineering at the National University of Paraguay since 2020. I would like to apply for international internships to relocate or get a remote job but I don't know how to start. Most of them ask for work permits and the ones that include Latin American countries do not include Paraguay. Please give me advice

igotlazyFull-Stack Software Engineer 18 days ago
There are many opportunities outside that many people do not aware of, checkout out these websites they help you get remote jobs or even help with relocation. - https://vanhack.com - https://honeypot.io - https://hashlist.com - https://gun.io/find-work/ - https://talent.io I'm in the same boat as you. wishing you good luck my friend.
andythemFull-Stack Software Engineer 18 days ago
Thank you!



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