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Recruiterย atย Dockera year ago

Are you actually interviewing the company while they interview you?

A lot of sites and recruiters like to say things like, "interviews are for both parties" and "it's a two-way street" but I've never talked to a candidate who actually believed this. Usually candidates are trying to impress us and we have all the leverage since we have the offer they want.

Very rarely have I seen a candidate interview the company. The only time I have heard of this is for executive roles, cxo. A position where there wasn't over 100 applicants waiting for a shot.

For everyone else, how are you ensuring the company is a fit for you? Do you even care if you're another worker bee?

zxczxcSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Yes definitely. I just finished a round of interviews for my next position. The questions I asked the engineers and managers were vital in the company I chose to move to.
942nuca7h523vySoftware Engineerย a year ago
what were some of the q's? Might need to steal some