ChessTaki88 in  
Software Engineer a year ago

What's next for tech workers?

I saw an interesting article noting that laid off tech workers are increasingly leaving tech (understandably) and searching outside the industry.

The article says that the biggest and fastest-growing industries for tech professionals are finance, manufacturing, and health care

From what I've seen, it definitely seems to be true and make sense. As I've been looking, there seems to be a big number of HealthTech or FinTech startups/companies still hiring.

Anyone else have similar experiences or thoughts?

Where will all the laid-off tech workers go?

Where will all the laid-off tech workers go?

The bright side to all these terrible tech layoffs.
kalos45Technical Project Manager a year ago
I find the concept of a tech worker in this article confusing. I work in a financial company (JPMC) but I build software so if someone from oracle joined our team after a layoff, did they leave tech? To me that is nonsense. If they are building software or dealing with information technology, they are in tech and just different commercial domain.
madscienceSoftware Engineer a year ago
I mean they kind of acknowledge that nuance in the article by saying that many "tech" workers don't actually work in "tech," just have technical jobs in other industries, so the "tech worker" category can be interpreted differently.