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Elon is savage πŸ˜‚

These text messages between Parag (Twitter CEO) and Elon Musk that just got released are hilarious πŸ˜‚

Parag Agrawal
You are free to tweet "is Twitter dying?" or anything else about Twitter - but it's my responsibility to tell you that it's not helping me make Twitter better in the current context.
Next time we speak, I'd like to you provide you perspective on the level of internal distraction right now and how it hurting our ability to do work. I hope the AMA will help people get to know you, to understand why you believe in Twitter, and to trust you - and I'd like the company to get to a place where we are more resilient and don't get distracted, but we aren't there right now.

Elon Musk
What did you get done this week?

Elon Musk
I'm not joining the board. This is a waste of time.

Elon Musk
Will make an offer to take Twitter private.
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