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Software Engineering Manager 2 years ago

how does databricks L4 compare to Accenture?

i got an offer from DB. but seems they are lowballing on level

wanted to know what level L4 means for databricks and how it compares to other companies like Accenture?

offer - 200k incudes RSU

yoe - 15

19g618l48lv60oWeb Developer 2 years ago
Is the work culture in Accenture good ? Some service based IT companies have a slog at all costs mentality!!
fractalgreenbriarProject Manager at Accenturea year ago
Depends on where you work. I don’t like crunching or crunch culture, but I don’t stop people from being passionate for their work, especially if it’s a time to. However, I will stop people if they’re burning themselves out too much. But I know PMs who don’t give a 💩 and will just to get on the good side for their benefit.