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Amazon Loop - 2 Bar Raisers

I'm finishing up my loop today. Yesterday, I had four interviews and was mentally exhausted afterward. One of them was with a Bar Raiser in training—I know this because she had a shadow and mentioned it. Today, I have my final interview (due to scheduling issues) with someone from AWS, but my role isn't in AWS. So I'm assuming he's also a bar raiser.  Is it normal to have two Bar Raisers? Will the shadow also have a say? Also, is it normal to have an AWS Bar Raiser for a non-AWS role? Wish me luck; I used most of my best examples yesterday.

Additionally, I'm curious if it's possible to be considered for a Sr. AE role instead of an AE role. I applied to both before I started interviewing, and both positions are on the same team. I'm interviewing for AE, but my other application is still active. My recruiter was very vague when I asked and hasn't been helpful throughout this process.
Thanks for your insight. 
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SlcdtxSales a day ago
Update. The role was filled but they are inclined to hire, now let’s hope we can find another role. Thanks again for all the comments, it helped.
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