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I'm a Recruiter! Any recruiters out there who can help me benchmark my equity?

Hi All

I am a senior sales recruiter in a SF HQ organisation that has 2K employees. It's a global organisation and I am located in Dublin, Ireland.

I've been with the organisation for 3 years. I joined as a level 4 recruiter, after 12 months, pivoted to level 5 and recently received a promotion to level 6 - most senior IC role and equivalent to a junior manager - 2 promotions in 3 years and was told this was the quickest they've ever seen within the organisation. Despite this, my equity is lower than my peers - mostly due to the fact that when I joined the organisation I admittedly didn't negotiate the new grant hire as it was my first tech role.

Note that our compensation is base salary and equity only. No variable/bonus.

My initial new hire grant was for the Level 4 role. I received a refresh grant after 12 months which coincided with my role-level promotion to a 5 which was 50% less than my new hire grant. Last year, my refresh grant was appalling, 7.5 times less than the previous year, essentially worth nothing and was a kick in the teeth as I am the top performer globally and to be honest with my promotion to a Level 6 I am not sure where the refresh grant will land this year.

All I know, is that my equity does not reflect my value, impact, contributions or market norms in Dublin for someone in a similar role and scope.

I am an introvert and someone who hates conflict and in general, don't speak up when I am disappointed about something which was clearly worked in the organisations favour to date however, this is really bothering me and I need my organisation to course-correct my equity and to reward and value me appropriately.

I am struggling to gain factual information to present to my organisation to back this up - I have lots of anecdotal evidence but this won't be sufficient enough.

Any advice? How would you go navigate this if you were in my position?

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There are a couple of options you have here: 1. If you are able to get competing offers, using those to leverage with your current company to say hey, I have this competing offer but I love working with CURRENTCOMPANY, what do you think about matching this offer? 2. Make your case using metrics on your high performance rankings and promotions. You've outgrown your compensation relative to your job title and think a larger refresher grant makes more sense. You might be able to get away with not giving them specific data points, but if you are able to pull any from sites like Levels, that might be able to help. I think the biggest thing when negotiating something like this is that you don't want to burn the bridge with your company, so if you're able to explain the situation in a way that showcases that you still enjoy working for the company and aren't just using competing offers to put the company in a bad position, it should still go over well. I'm also an introvert and conflict-averse like you, but if you're able to logically support your argument and keep it to just facts of the situation, then I think you'll feel a lot better negotiating it, regardless of whatever answer they come back with. I would just be prepared that, if the company doesn't end up increasing your refreshers, then you might be better off leaving.