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Computer Science 2 years ago

Lockheed Martin Job Descriptions

Does anyone know if there is a significant difference between Engineering Aide and Programmer? I had an interview recently and was told as an Engineering Aide I would most likely be placed on a team of programmers. The job description also asks for strong skills in C++ Java SQL and similar languages.

Sorry if that sounds like a noobish question. Currently a sophomore in college majoring in Computer Science and received the offer for engineering aide, but have a programmer interview up as well.

Also - has anyone worked there during college? If so what was it like? Work life balance etc.
Any insight would be appreciated 
adorableFounder 2 years ago
Engineering - programming + hardware integration and more. Think of something like Robotic Dog warrior. You need to do more than just program to get the Dog to walk, shoot and kill. So you may need to work on the motors, figure out where the parts and all will come from, organize the assembly and testing team, etc. Programming - I sit in front of a PC 24/7/365......writing software.



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