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Full-Stack Software Engineerย a year ago

Requesting Guidance

Hello and Happy New Year!

What Would You Do?

I've been hired on as a "Full-Stack Engineer" 2.5 years ago.

I've been hired on with the intention of pursuing a Bachelor's in Software Dev but after the 1-year mark during the performance review my manager and I decided to shape my role more into a Project Manager/Analyst Role"

I am currently pursuing a degree in Bachelor's in Business Management and have 5 years of experience within the company.

Although I've been in this role for 2.5 years they still have not changed my title from "Full-Stack Engineer" Another concern I have is my base is a little over $66K Base.

What would you do?

  1. Would you speak with management to change your title? (I'm concerned that they will lower my pay or reduce my raise).
  2. What are ways to find ways to describe my role I feel like I'm just a secretary tracking applications and their vulnerabilities.

I am hoping to accomplish the following:

  1. Find better pay
  2. Clarify my role with the company and establish myself of what I am because I know I'm not a Full stack engineer
  3. Read and gain from people's experience

Thank you for any suggestions you all may have!

UnrealDruidHardware Engineerย a year ago
I agree with the 1st reply that you need to determine for yourself why the title matters to you. If it's important then communicate to your manager the importance.
Now, when you say "I feel like I'm just a secretary" tells me that you are looking for more meaningful tasks/projects (as you perceive it) that would make you more happy and perhaps increase your pay at the same time. It could be something new you want to do or, as you said, do real full stack engineer assignments. Regardless of the title there will always be mundane tasks that you would have to do, which would make you feel like you are not doing something significant, but they are an essential part of the job, and should be reflected positively in your reviews. If you are on good and open terms with your manager I would communicate your feelings to them directly: "the tasks I've been doing are very mundane and make me feel like a secretary".
Can you try to automate those tasks somehow?
For better pay, you need to solve problems, small or large, which will be reflected in your performance review and can lead to a promotion, pay increase or bonus increase. For instance, can you automate the "secretary" tasks somehow, fully or partially? This would be one problem you can try to tackle and transfer the automation to a lower level team member, while you love to higher level tasks.
Hope that helps.
UnrealDruidHardware Engineerย a year ago
Edit last sentence: ...while you *move* (not *love*) to higher level tasks.