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Data ScientistΒ 3 months ago

Am I a Data Scientist or Analyst?

My job involves doing a lot of predictive analysis, algorithm development and diagnostic/descriptive analysis.Β 

For predictive analysis, I research different methods to apply to certain use cases and create new algorithms to use. Lots of R&D and math.

The diagnostic and descriptive analysis involves presenting insights from existing data and finding anomalies in our systems.Β 

I can't really tell if im a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or even an Applied Scientist? At the end of the day titles aren't super important, but I'm trying to figure our how I'm perceived for branding purposes.
gFnData EngineerΒ 3 months ago
I think it's more towards Data Science than Analysts. Look into job description on linkedin for DS and DA, specifically for bigger brands and compare where do you see yourself fitting most.



Data Scientist