Adam Westin in  
Networking Engineer 2 years ago

Cleared Network Engineers

I can's seem to find a specific page/community on here for employees with government clearance.. salaries are much higher with Secret, TS etc vs uncleared roles. Let me know if there is such section please. 

Now for those with TS in network engineering, 5-10YOE, what's your current salary range? Let's say D.C. but other states too. Anyone doing that type of work fully remote while company holding TS? 
wittywatersFull-Stack Software Engineer 2 years ago
I’m on the software side so can’t speak for the network side. The salary in cleared work can really vary based on the contract and the company. I have a little over 10YOE with a S working remote and I’m at 120k. I have started looking around and I’m seeing job posting with ranges from 80-150, yet seeing non cleared Dev roles up to 200k.

It’s possible to have a company hold a TS while working remotely, but going to say it’s less likely. If you are remote it’s going to be extremely unlikely that a TS is required. Almost all companies will hold the TS if the contract requires public trust or S, but when it’s time to renewed will they be willing to keep you at the higher level when it’s not needed is likely going to be a company by company question.