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How do Open Source developers make money?

I have been wondering how open source software developers make money

For example the creator of laravel, how does he make money from laravel, laravel is a free php framework and you download and use it for free including other similar frameworks

Also people who created programming languages, how did they make money from it, programming languages are free to use and we don't pay any money to install them on our OS, for example how does the creator of C++ make money from it, also Python

Also people who made linux distros like Ubuntu, Centos and other linux distros, i know the person/people who made kali linux can make money from it with the offensive security courses but i can't think of how others make money from their distro(s)

So how do people who creates open source softwares make money from their OS software
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Most open source developers don't make money from open source software and work in their spare time. Those that do are often employed by a company that has some interest in the software. Or a foundation funded by such interested companies. Some examples:
- The creator of the postfix mailserver worked at IBM for some time and eventually moved to Google.
- The creator of python worked at Google for some time.
- The creator and developers of the Rust programming language worked at Mozilla.
- Herb Stutter, one of the folks developing C++ has worked at Microsoft for years
- Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, made money from stock options granted by early Linux companies and prior to that worked at Transmeta. He is currently funded by the Linux Foundation which is sponsored by many large tech companies.
- Engineers who build Chrome and Android work for Google (and this model where open source software is basically a loss leader is fairly common)
- Early open source pioneers like Richard Stallman worked at universities. And Bell Labs also employed many early open source pioneers.
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Oh, now I understand, thanks



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