Hyungseok Cho in  
Computer Science at Brigham Young University3 months ago

Getting a full-time SWE job as an international student

Hello all,

This is Henry Cho who is a master's student in Information Systems Management - Software Engineering. As I am graduating in April 2024, I am currently looking for a full-time position in SWE.

I have to admit that today's market is too tough for international students to get jobs in the US. Because international students need to get work visa sponsorship (H1B) from a US company in order to work longer than 3 years which is granted after STEM college graduation.

Honestly, there are not many companies who would do so because doing so may cost them in some ways. I understand this; however, at the same time, I have been actively finding opportunities despite the difficulties.

Of course, I am participating in various career fairs and searching jobs in different platforms. But, I would be so grateful if I can get extra help from you.

If you know someone from a company that is willing to sponsor work visa to international students and that is looking for a college graduate SWE, please let me know!

I am attaching my resume too.

Thank you!


madscienceSoftware Engineer 3 months ago
Best of luck, that looks like a strong resume, so I hope you're able to find something soon!
Hyungseok ChoComputer Science at Brigham Young University3 months ago
Thank you so much!!