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Computer Scienceย 2 years ago

Final year student looking for fte roles

Hi all, I'm a final year student from India and currently I'm looking for fte roles. I'm open to work and currently looking for swe roles from companies that can sponsor visas (if the role is not for India location). I have one internship experience from a startup and one more intership+fte offer (starting from Jan to July). The offer is pretty mediocre so I want to interview more and try my best to grab better offers before I graduate. Also, the offer I have is from a startup and since the market is pretty bad rn I want to stay safe by having some more good offers in hand. I will be graduating in August 2023. Please dm/comment if anyone can help me with the same. As for sponsorships, basically most of the major companies sponsor visa(especially for Asia/Europe)

Thank you.
plutonicmassHardware Engineerย 2 years ago
Sorry, wish I could help because I know it's tough for int students these days. Wishing you best of luck!
LukeSkywalkerComputer Scienceย 2 years ago
Thank you so much for the kind words. Yeah, competition is extremely tough but what's even worse is not hearing back even after doing good in interviews. This is what I've been experiencing a lot lately. I think it's because of the market but I'm applying aggressively still while improving my skills as much as I can. Best of luck to anyone preparing for their interviews.