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Need Advice in Role Switch

I want to switch from QA to SDE role, and get into good PBC. I joined the company 3 months ago (on-campus offer) but haven't learned anything interesting, just filling up excel sheets and switching multiple screens to check if DDL is correct or not!!

I am from tier 3 college so didn't had that much exposure about what to do to get a good job. I know Beginner level DSA and have some knowledge on web development.

Please advice me on how to achieve my aim in switching this role. What all skills to acquire and include in resume? And resources to follow.


dNcwex8133Software Engineerย a year ago
This may be a weird comment but other engineers and managers will understand my point completely. Take care of your health. Physical, mental, and social. This really goes for everyone but especially younger professionals who get overly consumed by trying to "make it". Make exercise a habit, take time to relax with friends, and get enough sleep. Also please shower and brush your teeth every day. These little things have such a profound impact on your performance.
sidewinderQuality Assurance (QA) Software Engineerย a year ago
sorry but I didn't get what you actually meant in your comment. If you can explain it again it would be helpful. Also I do all the things you mentioned.



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