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Feeling extremely unmotivated and uninterested

Hi guys I wanted to ask What you guys do when you don't feel motivated and don't even feel like pressing the keyboard but you have a lot of things to do, I've been forcing myself to press the keyboard since morning and it has been going on for days now

Aside other things like I got fired unfairly last year and I haven't been able to get another job, I had an abusive and traumatic upbringing and I have been trying to get over it but it's just kind of hard, so whenever I start thinking all these things I feel unmotivated to work on my personal projects and other stuffs and at time I don't even get the meaning of life

Please what do you guys do when you're feeling extremely unmotivated?
droptinezeroProduct Manager 12 days ago
As a professional with a career of 20+ years in a range of roles: 8 in Tech Roles, 4 in Services/Implementation and 12 in Product, about 8 years ago I was burned out, unmotivated and was self-medicating nightly to deal with it... Not recommended... I made a choice to take a break from life, went into treatment and focused on getting to know Me and who I was, and facing fears that i uncovered in life. I learned that FEAR is about 90% of everything we do, don't do etc.. Long story short, a journey of personal growth of my internal world, philosophical structure, mindset, my values, passions etc.... The Return on that investment is priceless, and 8 years now, in recovery i now exactly what i need when i feel this way or that way... Meaning over Monetary, that is the balance of being happy and content and experiencing what Joy is! "Unmotivated" sounds like i used to phrase things when I didn't want to be around anyone, leave the house etc... so a therapist will be able to help you break that down into truly what it means.... I wish you the best! there is a lot of powerful text in books!
pseudo0x636F646572Full Stack 12 days ago
Thanks for sharing, it’s really helpful