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Software Engineering Manager a year ago

What resources do you use to grow your career?

I am using a mentor in current company and 3 communities, one on Discord and 2 on Telegram.

SVPdsData Science Manager a year ago
I am in a few fb real estate and fat fire groups and then locally I’m in a real estate meetup for exotic car owners and there I meet with founders of companies and large real estate investors and developers. I work in data science and I have more senior leaders approach me for advice because I have a 8 figure real estate portfolio so I grow my career by being known to help others in my area of work or with helping people with screening investment properties. It can be fun sometimes seeing a person who makes twice or three times my TC come to me nervously to ask for advice on how to become financially free or how to best use real estate to help their kids with college and stuff
91bytvafFounder a year ago
Facebook groups are pretty underrated. There are some really good ones out there but you have to find them.



Software Engineering Manager