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Financial Analystย a year ago

DoorDash Referral

Looking for anyone who would be so kind to give a referral for a DoorDash position I am quite qualified for. I am currently working in analytics/finance for a SaaS company but recently found a DoorDash role I feel suited for. Thanks in advance!ย 
hao310TnqfFinancial Analystย a year ago
Whats wrong with the company you're at now? At the rate companies are letting people go, idk if it's a good time to move around. In July, they shut down Chowbotics (its robotics division) and laid off 35 workers. Might be a sign of more to come. Their stock price has been declining steadily.
Groirj198Data Analystย a year ago
Many tech companies are doing poorly so I wouldn't use that as the only metric to determine stability of the company. But you do have a valid point. I would be cautious and not overly optimistic as the market has swung drastically over the last year



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