Stephent in  
Security Analyst a year ago

Most efficient way to get a foothold in starting a career in software engineering/Cyber security?

My biography:

I joined the military straight after highschool for 5 years since I was a naive teenager; I recently completed my contract (Sonar Technician in the Navy) and got out.

  I am adept in Hardware troubleshooting ( i.e. Lockheed Martin and Raytheon consoles/cabinets and electromechanical equipment.)

  But I've always had a passion for computer science and tech. But no relatable past work experience to even obtain an internship in the tech industry.

  Aside from spending 6 years obtaining a masters in CS/IS before starting a career in the Tech industry, are there any wise recommendations out there?

madscienceSoftware Engineer a year ago
Self teaching! Software Engineering and other similar roles within the industry are unique in that you can absolutely teach yourself the necessary skills to be successful at it. If anything, you might find that most people in the roles suggest you DON'T go about obtaining those degrees. I have friends who have masters degrees in sports performance and chemistry who have taught themselves coding and now work as software engineers at solid companies. All within fairly quick timelines as well. I know at least 2 people personally who started learning coding at the beginning of 2020 and got 6-figure jobs by mid-2021. To be honest, I'm not as self-motivated or focused, so I actually found a CS degree to be more beneficial in my case, but I assume you have solid discipline via the military that if you really get into it, you'll be able to teach yourself quickly and effectively.
madscienceSoftware Engineer a year ago
"If anything, you might find that most people in the roles suggest you DON'T go about obtaining those degrees." Actually want to clarify this to mean that most people in software engineering roles will say it's not necessary to get those degrees to get a job if you don't have to. If it makes sense for you, then do it, but otherwise, you definitely don't need them.