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How to land a Software Engineer Management position in Microsoft?

What are the skills and areas of interest I should study and practice to land a position as a SEM in MS?

After 10 years as a manger I was promoted to Director with 6 managers reporting to me and 50 people in total.

I have people management under my belt and I'm applying DevOps practices. What else would be needed to land a job offer?

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So93108Software Engineering Managerย a year ago
Some things to think about after being in the role for 12 years now- Be prepared to fail. It's part of the journey. When one door closes, search for another door. When you are led by the RIGHT things, I have always found that things will come together. Life is pretty simple. The older I get the more I realize that I was the one making things more complicated. Trying to salvage this or piece together that by trying to cover up mistakes or hiding insecurities or weaknesses. If the thing will fail, let it fail (within reason). Then discover the reasons WHY and solve THOSE problems to ensure success in the future. Good luck!
AgileGuySoftware Engineering Managerย a year ago
I do like to support my directs to make their own decisions and own their successes, failures and solutions.
They're in my team because they and their teams are smart.



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