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Level 65 package (18 months in MSFT)

Been at MSFT just under 18 months- Europe based but work directly for Corp/Seattle. IC working in a pretty niche reg/compliance/legal role with 9 YOE. When I joined I negotiated the base to £135K but didn't negotiate the initial stock grant having never worked in Tech at US68K. Bonus is 20%. Sign-on bonus they offered one months salary. Was I low balled and is there possibility to address this in the upcoming performance review?

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Where in Europe are you based? For L65 that seems low, but they're obviously going to pay the European market a lot lower than US, so it could be right in line. They're not going to adjust your compensation just based on a lower initial offer, but they will adjust it based on whatever performance review policy they have. Usually it ranges anywhere between 3-7% in a TC increase
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UK based but work for Corp vs the UK subsidiary