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Project/Program manager transition

Hello all! Im currently active duty military.  Im in the process of transitioning out and preparing myself for the civilian world. My goal is to be a project or program manager. I live in the central Texas area (an hour from Austin) and I'm looking to land a hybrid role making minimum salary of $200k including stocks and bonus. My question is, do you think this is reasonable for someone in my position? Below are a few more details about myself. Also what tips and advice do you have to give me? Thanks in advance. 

-14 years active duty
-10+ years project management experience
-Bachelors in Business with a concentration in Project Management
-PMP certified
-COMPTIA Security Plus
-Clearance- TS/SC-I
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j7clarkeProject Manager  
Yes, I believe it is possible to earn that total compensation in Austin if you can come in at the right level (L4 to L6) for one of the tech related roles. Just make sure to tailor your resume to highlight your accomplishments in each role that you held while on active duty and align it with the specific job posting that you are going for so that you increase the chances of it getting seen. I highly recommend you try to get referrals before submitting your resume if you know anyone in these tech companies, otherwise you can try to get some by signing up on the teamblind website and posting a request there. Start prepping for STAR/Behavioral style interviews with your stories lined up for different scenarios that can clearly communicate the magnitude/impact of the action and your leadership role in those respective scenarios. I was formerly active duty myself and transitioned to aerospace/defense related companies and then eventually into tech in 2021. I have roughly 13+ years of experience in Contracts/Program Management. Now I am about to accept an offer in a Program Management related role in one of the major FAANG companies. Best of luck in your job search!