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Amazon OA Link Received

Hi all, I recently received an OA link from Amazon for the SDE role.

Can anyone share the resources or your interview experiences if you have been through this?

atourist7Computer Scienceย atย University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigna year ago
I received an AWS OA a few weeks back. The OA had 2 sections:
1. A coding component on hackerrank:
- there were 2 questions which I would categorize as leetcode medium. There were 2 more questions where we had to explain our approach and talk about time complexity.

2. Amazon leadership principles personality test.

I would recommend that you go through recently asked amazon questions on leetcode and also go through the leadership principles.
AHMSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Ohh nice! Thanks for sharing your experience. If you have the direct links for the resources mentioned... Please do share here!



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